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Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014

PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 + Keygen

Anda dapat download PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 Full Keygen ini dengan gratis . Versi terbaru dari aplikasi pengatur RAM otomatis ini akan anda dapatkan dengan gratis disiini. Kami juga sudah menyediakan keygen yang dapat anda gunakan untuk membuat software PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 ini menjadi software full version dengan gratis. Untuk cara instalasinya silahkan anda lihat sedikit panduan instalasi PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 Full Keygen dari kami berikut ini.
Cara Instal PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 Full Keygen :
  1. Download dan ekstrak file PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 Full Keygen yang anda download di link bawah ini.
  2. Buka keygen dan dibagian kotak yang bertuliskan “NEMO / SND” dapat anda ganti sesuai dengan keinginan anda sendiri.
  3. Setelah itu klik keygen.
  4. Matikan internet dan klik dua kali file “superram.exe”
  5. register menggunakan nama dan serial dari keygen yang sudah anda buat tadi
  6. selesai
Some features of PGWare SuperRam v6.9.29.2014 Full Keygen
Accurate representation of the amount of RAM used and free space in every moment
Software configurable options to manually
Spaces for storage management commands
Optimize RAM to free up wasted space
View complete data of RAM Benchmark
Clearing memory of Additional Information
Doing things automatically
Compatible with all types of windows
Supports RAM Top
Link Download

PowerISO v6.0 Full Patch

System Requirements :
  • Windows 98 / Window Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1 operating system or above.
  • Intel Pentium 166MHz or above.
  • 64MB memory.
  • At least 10MB hard disk space.
Cara instalasi PowerISO v6.0 Full Patch :
  1. Download dan ekstrak file “PowerISO v6.0 Full Patch”
  2. Jalankan setup powerISO dan lakukan instalasi seperti biasa.
  3. Setelah proses instalasi selesai, jangan jalankan dulu programnya. Tetapi keluar dulu dari program powerISO.
  4. Lalu jalankan patch dengan cara klik kanan pilih “run as administrator”
  5. klik patch dan tunggu prosesnya sampai selesai hingga keluar tulisan —-Patching Done—-
  6. klik Exit
  7. Selesai
Link Download
32 Bit
64 Bit

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Offline Installer

Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Offline Installer adalah installer firefox terbaru yang dapat anda download dengan gratis di gigapurbalingga ini. Seperti kita tahu, firefox adalah salah satu browser andalan yang paling populer dan terkenal saat ini. Saya yakin hampir semua komputer atau laptop sekarang ini terinstal aplikasi firefox sebagai browser mereka. Firefox ini sangat disukai karena memang terkenal sebagai browser yang cepat dan ringan. Selain itu bagi anda yang sering bekerja menggunakan browser, maka anda harus menggunakan firefox ini. Kenapa? Karena firefox ini didukung oleh banyak sekali add ons yang akan membantu meringankan pekerjaan kita di internet ini.
Agar anda mendapatkan performa yang maksimal dari firefox ini, maka anda harus selalu menggunakan firefox terbaru. Bagi anda yang mempunyai komputer atau laptop yang terkoneksi dengan internet, anda dapt menggunakan update otomatis dari browser firefox ini, sehingga firefox anda selalu dalam keadaan update. Tetapi beda cerita bagi anda yang mempunyai komputer dalam keadaan offline. Agar anda mendapatkan firefox yang terbaru, maka anda harus mempunyai installer offline firefox terbaru. Nah disini kami membagikan Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Offline Installer yang merupakan update terbaru dari firefox ini. Jadi bagi anda yang sedang mencari update terbaru dari firefox ini, silahkan anda download Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Offline Installer ini sekarang juga.
Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Safe Control:
• Protect Your Privacy. When you browse, you leave a trail of data that potentially contains all sorts of personal information. We believe this info belongs to you and you alone (and least of all to overzealous advertisers), and have built in features to ensure that’s the case.
• Browse With Security. Whether it’s buying a gift, paying your bills or simply signing in to Facebook, it’s important keep your personal info out of the hands of any online bad guys who might be snooping around. Fortunately, Firefox is packed with advanced security features to help you stay safe.
• Stay In Control. The online world is always changing, which is why we give you easy-to-use tools to let you adapt and make smart choices as you go.
• It’s Part of Our Mission. Mozilla is a non-profit organization with the goal of making the Web better for everyone. We’re not trying to make money off our users – we just want you to have the best possible experience online, and that includes keeping you and your personal information safe and private.
Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Personalization:
• Add Style: Personas. Make Firefox match your style! Choose from thousands of Personas designed by users around the world, or create one yourself. With a single click you can dress up your browser however you want.
• Customize: Add-ons. Many of the most popular add-ons are extensions, little extras you download to add more bells & whistles to Firefox. Compare prices, check the weather, listen to music, update your Facebook profile – all built right into the browser!
• Make It Work: Plugins. Plugins are small bits of third-party software built by companies like Adobe Systems or Apple to power videos, animation and games (examples include Flash Player or Quicktime). They can cause browser crashes or pose security risks when they get out of date, so we’ve built an easy tool to help you stay current.
• Adapt Your Interface. The Firefox interface has been designed by a team of experts and tested by a community of millions of users around the world to make sure your browsing is as easy and intuitive as possible. But, everyone has their own specific needs, and you can always adjust the interface to be exactly the way you like it: re-arrange, organize, add or remove buttons or fields to change your browsing experience however you want.
• Stay In Sync. Sync seamlessly connects your desktop and mobile Firefox, so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs no matter which device you use. Now you can surf the Web on your desktop, get up in the middle of browsing and have your open tabs ready and waiting on your mobile, just as you left them. Your browsing will never be the same!
Mozilla FireFox 33.0 Final Blazing Performance:
• Making the Web Faster. Fasten your seat belts! With faster start-up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved page load speed, Firefox is full of major performance enhancements you’ll notice instantly. Upgrades to DOM and Style Resolution performance mean pages load faster, scrolling up and down is smoother, and web applications can run at breakneck speed. It’s an entirely new – and fast – browsing experience.
• Web Application Speed. Web applications like mail, video or games keep getting more awesome, but they also require additional processing power to run smoothly. To meet these increasingly sophisticated demands, Firefox features a massively improved javascript engine called J├ĄgerMonkey. As a result, Firefox handles even the most dynamic applications smoothly and easily, allowing you to enjoy the very best the modern Web has to offer.
• Hardware Acceleration. Whether you’re using Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Mac OS X with Firefox, you’ll also enjoy hardware acceleration for many common operations, such as watching videos or playing games. Firefox uses a new layers-based graphics system that takes advantage of Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows and OpenGL on Mac to deliver amazing performance even on graphics-heavy sites.
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